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Bronze layer

The Bronze layer encapsulates the most fundamental form of blockchain data, presenting it in an untransformed, raw state. Here we explore two primary tables within this layer: tbl_dev_br_blocks and tbl_dev_br_transactions.


tbl_dev_br_blocks This table archives the immutable records of blocks within the blockchain, serving as the source of truth for all subsequent operations and transformations.

Field Name Type Description
number Integer The unique sequential identifier of the block.
hash String The cryptographic hash that uniquely identifies the block.
timestamp Integer The Unix epoch time at which the block was mined.
first_version Integer The initial protocol version of the block.
last_version Integer The final protocol version after any amendments.


tbl_dev_br_transactions This table records all transactions within each block, capturing the essence of blockchain activity and state transitions.

Field Name Type Description
hash String The unique hash identifying the transaction.
block_number Integer The block number in which the transaction is included.
state_change_hash String Hash representing the state change due to the transaction.
event_root_hash String Root hash of the event trie, encapsulating transaction-related events.
version Integer Version of the transaction protocol.
gas_used Integer The amount of computational gas used to execute the transaction.
success Boolean Indicator of whether the transaction was successful.
vm_status String Status returned by the virtual machine after transaction execution.
accumulator_root_hash String The root hash of the accumulator after applying the transaction.
changes Array List of state changes caused by the transaction.
previous_block_votes_bitvec Array Bit vector representing the votes for the previous block.
failed_proposer_indices Array Indices of proposers who failed to propose a block when expected.
timestamp Integer Timestamp for when the transaction was included in a block.
max_gas_amount Integer Maximum amount of gas that can be consumed by the transaction.
gas_unit_price Integer The unit price of gas that the sender is willing to pay.
expiration_timestamp_secs Integer Timestamp in seconds after which the transaction will be discarded if not included.
payload Object Object containing the details of the transaction’s payload.
events Array Array of events generated by the transaction.
signature Object Object containing the cryptographic signature verifying the transaction.