Bronze Layer



The tbl_test_br_ledgers table holds essential data for each ledger within the Stellar blockchain. It contains ledger identifiers, hash information, timestamps, and detailed transaction metrics. This data is crucial for understanding ledger changes, transaction dynamics, and overall blockchain activity on the Stellar network.

Column Name Data Type Description
id Integer The unique identifier for the ledger.
sequence Integer The sequence number of the ledger, indicating its position in the Stellar blockchain.
hash String The hash of the ledger, serving as a cryptographic signature.
prev_hash String The hash of the previous ledger, linking the current ledger to its predecessor.
timestamp Timestamp The timestamp of when the ledger was created.
closed_at Timestamp The time when the ledger was closed and finalized.
total_coins String The total number of coins within the ledger.
fee_pool String The pool of fees accumulated from transaction costs within the ledger.
base_fee_in_stroops Integer The base fee (in stroops, the smallest unit of the Stellar cryptocurrency) for transactions within the ledger.
base_reserve_in_stroops Integer The base reserve (in stroops) required to be held in each account on the Stellar network.
max_tx_set_size Integer The maximum number of transactions that can be included in a transaction set for this ledger.
protocol_version Integer The version of the Stellar protocol with which the ledger complies.
header_xdr String The XDR (External Data Representation) format of the ledger header.
paging_token String A token used for paging through results.
successful_transaction_count Integer The number of transactions that were successfully processed in the ledger.
failed_transaction_count Integer The number of transactions that failed processing in the ledger.
operation_count Integer The total number of operations within all transactions in the ledger.
tx_set_operation_count Integer The total number of operations within the transaction set for this ledger.



This table catalogs the individual transactions on the Stellar blockchain, capturing the essence of each financial event. Each entry includes the transaction’s unique identifier, its status, the associated ledger number, and precise timing information. It details the transaction fee, operation count, and the XDR (External Data Representation) information for envelopes, results, and fee meta, which encapsulates the transaction in a standardized format for interoperability. Furthermore, the table stores memo-related data, crucial for transaction annotation, along with a count and array of signatures verifying the transaction. This dataset is invaluable for tracing Stellar transactions, understanding fee structures, and examining transactional metadata for analysis and verification.

Column Name Type Description
id Integer Unique identifier for the transaction.
paging_token String A cursor value used for paginating through transaction records.
successful Boolean Indicates whether the transaction was successful.
hash String The unique hash of the transaction.
ledger Integer The ledger number that the transaction was included in.
timestamp Timestamp The date and time at which the transaction occurred.
created_at Timestamp The date and time when the transaction was created.
source_account String The initiating account of the transaction.
source_account_sequence Long The sequence number of the source account.
fee_account String The account charged for the transaction fee.
fee_charged Long The fee amount charged for the transaction.
max_fee Long The maximum fee the source account is willing to pay.
operation_count Integer The number of operations included in the transaction.
envelope_xdr String The transaction envelope in XDR format.
result_xdr String The result of the transaction in XDR format.
result_meta_xdr String Additional result details in XDR format.
fee_meta_xdr String Fee-related metadata in XDR format.
memo_type String Type of memo included with the transaction.
memo String Memo value included with the transaction.
memo_bytes Blob Memo value in bytes, for binary memos.
signatures Struct Struct of signatures confirming the transaction’s validity.
valid_after Timestamp The time after which the transaction is valid.
valid_before Timestamp The time before which the transaction is valid.
preconditions Struct Details of preconditions necessary for the transaction. Includes timebounds, ledgerbounds, min_account_sequence, min_account_sequence_age, min_account_sequence_ledger_gap, and extra_signers.
fee_meta Struct Metadata related to the transaction fee structure. Includes fee_source, fee, inner_tx, and ext.
result Struct Outcome details of the transaction processing. Includes fee_charged, result, and ext.
envelope Struct Contains the transaction payload and authorization data. Includes type, v1, fee_bump, tx, and signatures.


tbl_test_br_events The tbl_test_br_events table captures key event data within the Stellar blockchain. Each event is tied to a ledger and transaction, providing a detailed account of contract calls and operations. It includes event types, ledger closure times, contract identifiers, and transaction hashes. Notable is the inclusion of a ‘paging_token’ which allows for consistent querying within paginated results. The table is pivotal for tracking the execution and outcomes of contract calls, offering a granular view of the events that occur within the Stellar ecosystem.

Column Name Type Description
event_type String The type of event, such as a contract call or operation executed within the ledger.
ledger Integer The sequence number of the ledger where the event occurred.
ledger_closed_at Timestamp The time when the ledger containing the event was closed and finalized.
contract_id String The unique identifier for the contract involved in the event.
tx_hash String The hash of the transaction associated with the event.
id String The unique identifier for the event.
paging_token String A token used for paginating through a set of results.
in_successful_contract_call Boolean Indicates whether the event was part of a successful contract call.
topic Array Contains items with event-specific information, and value to describe the event details.

Silver layer

Soroban transactions

tbl_test_sl_soroban_transactions Currently we filter all the records from the transactions table where the Soroban metadata is not empty.

Field Name Description
operation_count The number of operations included in the transaction.
hash The unique identifier of the transaction on the blockchain.
ledger The ledger number in which the transaction was recorded.
tx_date The timestamp of the transaction, converted to a human-readable date.
source_account The account from which the transaction originated.
soroban_version The version of the Soroban smart contract.
soroban_data_extracted Extracted data related to the Soroban smart contract.
fee_account The account charged for the transaction fee.
envelope_fee The fee specified in the transaction envelope.
envelope_fee_bump Any additional fee applied to the transaction outside the standard fee.
fee_charged The actual fee charged for processing the transaction.
envelope_type The type of envelope used for the transaction.
tx_type The type of operation within the transaction (e.g., payment, offer creation).
function_type The type of function invoked in a Soroban smart contract.
contract_address The address of the invoked smart contract.
function_name The name of the function called in the smart contract.
function_args The arguments passed to the smart contract function during invocation.