Overview of Ortege Lakehouse

Ortege Lakehouse is a pioneering platform in the realm of data management and analytics, particularly designed for the nuanced exploration of blockchain datasets. At the heart of our offering are our comprehensive datasets on Bitcoin, Stacks, and Stellar, each curated to support a broad spectrum of data analysis, from transaction patterns to network dynamics. Our platform stands out for its deep integration with blockchain data, facilitating direct access through Ortege Studio and providing exclusive API access for our institutional clients. This strategic focus on blockchain data underscores our mission to deliver unparalleled insight and accessibility to the evolving digital ledger ecosystem.

Explore our datasets


Our Bitcoin dataset offers a comprehensive view of the Bitcoin network, capturing detailed transaction data, wallet addresses, and block information. It’s designed to support in-depth analysis of transaction volumes, fee structures, and network activity, providing valuable insights into the cryptocurrency’s market movements and trends.


The Stacks dataset focuses on the Stacks blockchain, which brings smart contracts and decentralized applications (dApps) to Bitcoin. It includes transaction details, smart contracts executions, and STX token transactions. This dataset is invaluable for researchers and developers interested in how Stacks enhances Bitcoin’s utility and facilitates a new layer of functionality.


Our Stellar dataset encompasses detailed information on Stellar’s network operations, including accounts, assets, and payments. It is particularly useful for analyzing Stellar’s fast and efficient processing of cross-border payments and its unique consensus mechanism, supporting studies on decentralized financial systems and digital asset issuance.

Movement Labs

Our Movement Labs dataset currently indexes the M1 devnet and displays information around blocks and transactions. For transactions we display information relating to state checkpoint transactions, user transactions and block metadata transactions.


In addition to our blockchain-specific datasets, we offer a comprehensive pricing dataset that covers real-time and historical cryptocurrency prices, volume, and market cap information across various exchanges. This dataset is crucial for market analysts, traders, and financial institutions looking to perform market analysis, trend prediction, and risk assessment in the cryptocurrency space.

Seamless Integration with Ortege Studio

Ortege Studio users automatically gain access to all production blockchain datasets hosted on Ortege Lakehouse. This default integration ensures that data analysts, developers, and researchers can directly tap into a rich repository of blockchain information within their familiar Ortege Studio environment. By providing this seamless access, we aim to enhance the analytical capabilities of our users, enabling them to derive actionable insights, conduct in-depth research, and develop innovative applications and solutions based on blockchain data.

Exclusive API Access for Institutional Customers

Understanding the unique needs of institutional customers, Ortege Lakehouse offers exclusive API access to its blockchain datasets. This feature is tailored to organizations requiring direct, programmatic access to data for integrating blockchain analytics into their own systems and applications. While this service is currently limited to institutional customers, it represents our commitment to providing flexible, scalable, and secure data access solutions. Interested parties are encouraged to reach out for more information on obtaining API access, as we explore opportunities to expand and customize data access to meet diverse organizational needs.

The Medallion Layer Architecture of Ortege Lakehouse

At the heart of Ortege Lakehouse’s innovative approach to blockchain data management and analytics is our Medallion Layer Architecture. This structured framework is meticulously designed to cater to various levels of data complexity and user needs, from raw blockchain transactions to highly optimized and use-case-specific datasets. The architecture is segmented into three distinct layers: Bronze, Silver, and Gold, each serving a unique purpose in the data transformation and analysis process.